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 Perspective of the animation industry 
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Post Perspective of the animation industry

I am not here to encourage or discourage anyone to come into the industry. I just hope to give another perspective what is happening now base on my own experience. I see many post in many forums with negative remarks going around. ... st64307995
And I wonder whether the ones who posted them really understand the global animation business.

In the first place. Singapore domestic market is too small for any kind of industry. So when one wants to start a business. Never think of Singapore market. Even the Curry Puff "Old Chang Kee" has gone global.

Just to give you an idea. If you sell your show to a local TV station. They pay you few hundred dollars per episode. If you sell your show to major territories. They pay you ten of thousands. So is it possible to do so. I can tell you now because we have done it. The quality need to be higher than most people. And you need to have the right relations, branding and strategy. Of course it is not easy. You need to fail many times to reach where you are.

Recently we just finished a CGI film for a major US brand. Everyone in the world is curious if the entire production is done in Singapore. And the answer is yes. And 90% of our crew are locals. Its tough. But we pull through and now it opens more doors for us.

I went to many major markets in most major cities of the world. Recently I have been invited to NY a major Kids Show Market to give a talk. 4 to 5 years ago. We pitch to many Western top executives from various distribution company. This time round. These executives are independent or worked for smaller companies. As the bigger companies have let them go. Now they are pitching to Asia companies. N America and Europe is running out of funds. The table is turning around. We also have more talents looking for work here.

In Asia. We are lucky to be able to see the perspective of the 2 worlds. Asia and the West. As we travel a lot. Many independent US and Canadian producers are stuck in US and do not know what is happening outside N America. They are trapped in time and sticking to old ways of doing things. Some realise the problem have already move out to Asia to look at new opportunities. Even Japan studios realise that they can no longer sustain within Japan. Now we are looking at outsourcing our work to the West and even Japan.

Through my experience working with the Koreans, HK, Taiwanese. If they don't have something. They will build it. They don't import MNC. They build MNC.

The kind of reaction I see here is normal. As a typical Singaporean. I was like that in the past. We are so used to our comfort zone. We are too scare to move out. We have too many things and we are afraid to lose. Which is fair. But the question one must ask is how long more do you think Singapore can stay in the comfort zone. If you are someone observing the world economy. You will know what I mean.

When I was traveling on Singapore airlines. I feel very very proud when I see the crew. An unknown island called Singapore can build an airline taking over the world. This is something we should all feel very proud of. But is it easy? If I give you millions of dollars. Can you create a company that takes over the world?

I wonder how the guy who first build SIA feel. And thank God I am not the first. If Singapore a small island and no one knows about us can create a company taking over the world. And if Creative Technologies has once done that. What is stopping us to create the next MNC? Is that even possible? I have no answer for that. But I know if I stopped what I am doing. It will never happen.

Singapore is a society that does not celebrate failure. And that is what makes us all very afraid. I am a overseas graduate. I worked for the govt for 5 years with a reasonable good pay. Then I left my job. I start with a low pay. I fail many times. My bank went zero and I worked on a project with $250 shared by myself and a friend. At that time. There is no industry.

4 years ago, I finally got my act together. I officially started a company with 15 artists. I pitch for a job with no office, no workers. With blessings. I got the down payment. And that is how I started off. Now we are running a studio with 120 artists. With no bank loans. No investors money still. I don't even have money to invest. Whatever money I make. We roll over. And I do not know if I will succeed or fail. All I know is I have to keep trying.

I am not saying this is easy. But I am saying that do not take things for granted. We need to learn to stand on our own feet. And fight for our own survival. The next 50 years. Singapore economy going to change. What we perceive as stable will be taken away from us. Fortunately traveling has given me another perspective about the possibility.

If you have a weak heart. Don't try this. =:p

Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:37 am

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Post Re: Perspective of the animation industry
hi david,
thanks for the posting.and i really hope you can ride the uncertainties of the future and bring your company to new heights.stay foolish stay hungry. :D :D

Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:00 pm

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Post Re: Perspective of the animation industry

Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:42 pm
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