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A Program to Help Artists to Get into the CG Industry
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Author:  moderator [ Sun Dec 30, 2007 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  A Program to Help Artists to Get into the CG Industry


We have trained more than 100 artists since the last quarter of 2006. The program has been well received and with expanded training facilities, another 180 artists will be trained over the next 3 years. The objective is to create a strong pool of production-ready talents to be deployed in the growing computer graphics (CG) industry.


Upon graduation, the trainee will receive a WSQ certification issued by WDA.

Our training centre, syllabus and trainers are all WSQ certified.


We are interested in those who are passionate and hungry to get into the CG industry. We want to assist talents who have been trying very hard on their own but was not successful due to finanical problems or lack of sufficient asistance. The program are not meant to train talents from scratch.

Other Criteria
1) You need to be a Singaporean or Singapore PR
2) If you are serving the NS, make sure you have less than 6 to 12 months before ORD. (Make sure you can book out in the evening to attend course)
3) Upon completion of the course, you are required to work in the local CG industry for 1 year. However you may remain in your current job until you manage to locate a job in the CG Industry. And the 1 year bond will only begin from the day you step into the CG Industry.

You will have to go through a selection process before we can admit you into the course. We need to be sure that you have put in effort in the past in trying very hard on your own to get into the CG industry. It does not need to be in 3d. We can accept trainees based on Art Skill. Most important criteria is we need to see that you are have the passion and determine to work hard to reach your dream.


All Mentors / Instructors involved in giving guidance are artists who have worked in the industry between 2 to 7 years or more. These are the people who has gone through the same route as you and they understand your problem.


It will be kept at $800 dollar. (Been subsidised) For those with financial problems, we will explore in allowing you to pay by installments.

This is a 6 months part time program. So that you can continue to work in the day to support yourself financially. The program will be 11 hours a week.

Mon - 7pm to 10pm
Wed - 7pm to 10pm
Sat - 9.30am to 3.30pm

With additional of 3 months extension for weaker students at no cost.


Trainees need to select one of the area of specialisation :

1) Animation
2) VFX
3) Modeling / Texturing
4) Texturing / Lighting
5) Modeling / Rigging

Whether we will open a class for each specialisation will depend on the market responds. Our focus is to ensure that the talents are able to find work in the CG industry.


As the assignments will contribute towards the artist showreel in locating jobs. All trainnes are expected to obtain at least 90% attendance and complete all assignments given towards the end of 6 months. All assignments given must meet minimum industry requirements. Meaning your showreel must give the employers the confidence in hiring you at entry level. If you failed to do so, the graduates must report to us weekly for another 6 months to update their progress of their showreel. We will continue to help them at our own cost.

Upon graduation, we will work closely with the graduates to help them to locate jobs. We will circulate the graduates reel to various companies. However whether the graduates are able to find work still depends a lot on their showreel, their performance at the interview and the job market at the point of graduation. We will only do the introduction. The rest is up to the graduates.

The demand for the CG industry here fluctuates from time to time. Hiring peak normally begins at the initial stage of a project (Feature Film, TV Series, Games) During market downtime, we also try to engage overseas projects for those who are unable to locate jobs.

Interested pls contact:

Author:  moderator [ Sun Dec 30, 2007 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A program to help artists to get into the CG Industry

Our Students Work

Modelling / Texturing Specialisation


Author:  moderator [ Sun Dec 30, 2007 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A program to help artists to get into the CG Industry

Texturing Lightings Specialisation


Author:  moderator [ Sun Dec 30, 2007 6:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A program to help artists to get into the CG Industry

Animation Specialisation

Modeling / Rigging Specialisation

VFX Specialisation

Author:  moderator [ Sun Dec 30, 2007 10:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Program to Help Artists to Get into the CG Industry


Glad to know our program has been well supported by overseas studio.

We are very happy to know that 6 out of 11 of the 2nd batch animation students who have just graduated recently have already been offered by Imagi HK even though they have only completed about half of their showreel. This is the studio who has worked on TMNT. 6 of them will be flying over to HK soon. And there will be opportunity for them to work on feature film like the Astro boy and Gatcha man.

2 out of 3 VFX students from our 1st Batch of students who have applied for the double negative / EDB VFX attachment program in London for a year, have been selected . (The studio who has worked on VFX for Batman returns, Harry Porter etc) In fact, we have received good reviews from Double Negative when they visited us last year.

A Letter from Double Negative

David Kwok embodies the best of VFX professionalism, a burning passion and energy to produce work of the highest quality. During our visit to Singapore last year, we were lucky enough to visit a number of VFX courses including the evening class run by David Kwok and the team. We found the students to be highly motivated and skilled, with an eye for detail and a desire to learn. Their work was to a high standard and they benefited from having industry professionals guiding them in the right direction.

Chris Burn - Head of 2D and Vic Rodgers - HR Manager Double Negative
Visual Effects Ltd. London, England.

Double Negative
77 Shaftesbury Avenue

Author:  moderator [ Sun Dec 30, 2007 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Program to Help Artists to Get into the CG Industry

Straits Times (2 May 2007) - PM's Speech at May Day Rally: Highlights,7105,


He pointed out that the Singapore Government had made lifelong learning a priority.
It set up a Lifelong Learning Fund and the Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

The latter partnered the labour movement, tertiary institutes and industry groups
to set up specialised institutions to prepare workers for jobs in the new growth sectors.

He gave workers this assurance: 'We will equip Singaporeans with the relevant
skills, we will deliver courses, give the workers national certification, qualifications,
make them more employable.'

He also highlighted the efforts of Mr Max Chan, 36, who worked as a glass artist
for 10 years but decided to upgrade his skills when the industry went into decline.

Despite being weak in English, he got a diploma in multimedia production and
attended a 3D animation course run by the WDA and the Media Development Authority.

He now works at a 3D animation production house.

Said Mr Chan, in Mandarin: 'I have always been interested in animation and when
I saw WDA offering it, I went for it immediately. Now I am more confident about my
abilities, despite just having N-levels.'

Author:  moderator [ Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Program to Help Artists to Get into the CG Industry


The CG industry is moving very fast during these 2/3 years in Singapore and the supply of manpower is not moving fast enough to cater for this change. The industry will wait for no one. If the companies here cannot find the talents, jobs are moving out of Singapore. Many new regional competitors are gradually preparing themselves. This is because more and more western players have started looking into Asia. So Singapore need to move fast, else we will be left behind.

During the past 3 years. Many of the schools were training multimedia artists (when the market back then was hot) Many of the programs only have one to two general subjects that focus on very fundamental 3d knowledge. (Many were using 3d max.) In the market today, the industry require artists to specialise in specific field in 3d. Hence what they learnt in multimedia course is not sufficient to meet the market needs.

Our objective is to retrain all those who has gone through the old training and has no money to upgrade themselves. We hope to help them to get into the industry quickily so as to meet the current shortage.


Our plan is to retrain those who has gone through multimedia related courses. Most of these graduates are trained in 3d Studio MAX.

The course is already subsidised. We only have enough resources to train each artist for 6 mths. If the course were to go beyond 6 mths, it will be too costly for our students. We are trying to maintain the quality of our training as well as keeping the course fee low. Hence we need to maximise our resources to focus in training the trainee in software independent production techniques rather than software. Hence it doesn't matter what software we are using.

As most of our trainees are familiar with 3d Studio MAX. It will also slow down their learning process if we were to use another 3d package.

Learning a software is not difficult for one to learn on their own. Learning the industry tips and tricks is what requires industry experience. And that is what we do best. Software is treated like a pencil in our training. It doesn't matter what pencil is given to you. You should be able to draw well if you are a true artist. That is our objective. It is not a software course.

During the 6 months of training, if a company using MAYA has confirmed to employ you, then we will conduct a special conversion training for you. We are not going to train you the whole MAYA package. Meaning if you are a modeller, we will teach you the tools required as a modeller/texture artist in MAYA. Its like you are using nokia phone. And if you decided to use a motorola phone later, you only need to learn where to locate the controls. This way of learning will help you to adapt yourself easily to change of software when you switch from company to company. In fact as the industry grows, someday we might operate like in the US where many companies have their own inhouse software.

Its true that many companies worldwide are using MAYA. At one stage, we were considering whether we should just switch over. However recently a big german game company who used 3d max for their development are setting up a 70 man team here. Plus many of the smaller companies here who need freelancers normally request for 3d max users. Hence we do not want to stick to any software in particular. However in 3 yrs time, if most companies are using MAYA or something else, then we might switch.

As you can see, our training is very industry / practical oriented and focus very much on local employments / market demands. Since 1998, we have been working closely with many companies to locate their talents. And we have also been involved in various CG industry and manpower development taskforce for Singapore. We will continue to put in the effort in training artists to meet the industry needs.


e.g Animation
We are not using character studio in our training. Else you will get stuck with 3d studio max. We will be using generic bones. So it doesn't matter whether you are using 3d max or any other software. Our focus will be a lot in the fundamentals like understanding in posing through life drawings, acting, principles in animation, motion curve etc.

e.g modeling/texturing
Our focus will be more on topology, human proportion, polgonal modelling etc. For texturing, will focus more towards photoshop traditional painting of dirt, mud, algae, skin and learn how to control shaders to create different types of metal, fabric etc. Again. It doesn't matter whether you use 3d max or any other software.

3d MAX is only used as a base 3d software for our students to apply what they have learnt in traditional art and fundamentals in CG techniques.

Author:  moderator [ Mon Dec 31, 2007 3:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Program to Help Artists to Get into the CG Industry


The relationship between the mentor and the student is like a partnership. Both must have the same goal that is to bring up the standard of the work in Singapore to a higher level. So that Singapore can stay competitive.

Below are the works of some of our weaker students. As you can see how they progress rapidly within few months. Doing this part time and being able to progress so quickily requires a lot of dedication and commitment from both the mentor and the student. Else it is impossible to reach the goal. However if one is hungry to reach your dream, anything is possible. And you will excel in the industry.

Learning the software will not do any magic. Mastering traditional art is crucial towards being a good CG Artist. And having a trained eye for what is acceptable in the commercial market is absolutely important. One must continue to learn and sharpen one's skill even if you are already in the industry. Be aware of the quality of work in the international market and how things have been progressing around our region always. No one should ever stop improving one skill.

Initial Stage


Within few months, he is able to do this properly.


And eventually also created this as well.

Another Student. Initial Stage


Within few months, she is able to do this properly.


And eventually also created this as well.

Author:  David Kwok [ Mon Jan 14, 2008 1:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Program to Help Artists to Get into the CG Industry

The next intake will start in Apr 08. Interested may write to

We will arrange for a studio visit and explain about the course in more detail.
The course fee is $2000 for 6 months parttime. Its meant to help those who has financial problems.

Author:  David Kwok [ Wed Feb 27, 2008 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  A Program to Help Artists to Get into the CG Industry

Latest Update

The name of the new school is CG Protege. More than half of the next intake already filled up. So if you are interested, pls write to us soon. (

We will be exhibiting at the coming career and education fair this Thurs. If you are interested and would like to find out more, please come to see us. Hope to see you there.

Career 2008 & Education 2008
Date: 28 Feb – 2 March 2008
Venue: Suntec Singapore Level 6
Look for WDA WSQ Pavilion. Located at Hall 601, CG Protege Booth 199 H
Operational Hours: 11.00am to 8.00pm daily

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