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 generalist showreel 
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Post generalist showreel
Hi I just want to ask on how to do a generalist showreel.

Becos I just received an email from Lucasfilm Singapore and I was told by them to do a "generalist" showreel.

Usually as I can see we usually do a reel only based on one thing like say Modeling, Animation, concept Art.etc.

Anyone can help with this? Cause I figure that it would be very messy if this reel is done wrong.


Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:00 pm

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Post Re: generalist showreel
Generalist is a broad term. I would probably think they're the sort that can help in any dept. Not as skilled but understand the core principles/ skills of each that otherwise specialized artist lack.

Different companies expect differently from their generalist??? (As in model, animate, light. or model, rig, animate. or all-in-one whatever max can do...)??? sometimes best to ask what they're expected to do (job requirement).

Depending on the works you have and your strengths, a few possibilities I can think off hand in no merit order (of course, must pass quality check; put your best, etc):

If you've done a short.
Play a short clip, then breakdown the parts- modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, effects......
Play a edited version that highlights as much skill elements as possible, then do breakdown for cool parts.

If you've done parts of a clip(s). Put your best first.
Play clip, then breakdown parts you did. *important, must highlight what you part is.

*if you've many good clips, choose the best few, and as little as you can to showcase all of your key skills.

*depending on how many clips, you can consider play clip A, B, C, then breakdown A, B, C or
Clip A, Breakdown A, Clip B, Breakdown B, ...
see which flows better. if your breakdowns are lengthy, consider playing the clips first.

If you only have specific clips. I.e. modeling turntable, dialogue animation, bare room lighting, ...
If you have time, consider doing something more complete. Otherwise put your best forward

Follow the formatting and stuff that the other normal reels abide. If you have a lot of stuff that you want to show, consider splitting the top ones to form the under 3min awesome kickass reel and put the rest in a separate feel free to play if you have time.

** Everyone is busy, so only the best stuff first.

Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:03 am

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Post Re: generalist showreel
Thank you for your tips

But does anything got any good examples of a generalist reel?


Wed Apr 01, 2009 1:26 pm

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Post Re: generalist showreel
Sorry, don't have awesome reels to point you to.
Try looking at reels on this forum and other 3d forums (cgtalk, etc.)
Try google and see what hits you come up with.

Okay, firstly, not to bash the person that post it or whatever, just one of the few links I hit to find a video that can serve as a reference pt. (It's not my vid, no affiliation, etc... ).

To start, some bits wont work for lucas, simply not their genre - some are more motion graphics, with 2d/3d tracking (dun think you'll need those) lucas sg i guess is more pure 3d.

It starts with airplane, then extreme wide shot aerial shot (can possibly highlight modeling, lighting, simple cloud effects...), lighting interior,... not really impacting stuff - not very exciting, not too impressive, but could be taken as an editing lead in - then car scene and explosion...

There's a buildup, but hopefully, the guy watching the reel would clock past the first 15secs, then it goes into meatier stuff.

In this manner, you can do the clips first, breakdown later or 1 clip reel, 1 breakdown reel (and maybe even additional wordier breakdown stuff on a text doc, pdf, ..)

So yeah, try to find reels on the net and when you compile yours, get feedback as well. Impt thing would be to try to think like your employer/ interviewer.

Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:42 am

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Post Re: generalist showreel
For a fresh grad, I would believe a generalist reel should look like this. This is done by my colleague.

In Singapore, there other kind of generalist reel. This is more for local context. For small post house, normally it includes TVC you have done in the past. Motion Graphics, architecture visualisation etc. This is very typical for local reels. But for CG companies. I believe they are looking at more the above.

Hope it helps.

Sun Apr 12, 2009 3:29 am
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