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 What has happened to all the Singapore CG Artists? 
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Post Re: What has happened to all the Singapore CG Artists?
Taking game development as an analogy, here's a story of Sean Chan who even though in national service, found the time to continue honing his art and working on his personal game project, which went on to become a finalist in the Independent Game Developers Festival 2008 iirc, competing with game developers from all over the world.

Everyone's got some time to spare. Its just what you choose to do with it.

Juxart: A Game Designer/Animator's Blog

Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:53 pm

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Post Re: What has happened to all the Singapore CG Artists?
thanks for the post zanzhao.very inspiring.this guy is really passionate about game developing.

Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:07 pm

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Post Re: What has happened to all the Singapore CG Artists?
Just to tell you guys. While there are many loopholes in my points. But many graduates felt the same way as I did. Being hoodwinked and all.

Some graduates even before they managed to come to CGprotege have already saw through that truth and have left the industry.


Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:47 pm

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Post Re: What has happened to all the Singapore CG Artists?
well at the end of the day , it may be better to venture into more different areas to further equip yourself and increase ur employment opportunities in Singapore and to secure urself a better future. ;)

At this moment in singapore , its very hard to bank yourself in one specialization unless you are able to wait for 3-4 months for the right job to come by(sometimes even more), yet how many of us as artist are capable of having so much income to wait?

From my observation, most of the local singapore companies want a 3d generalist esp in the broadcast/3d visualisation events area. Interior Design/Architecture and print companies would want someone with knowdlege in Vray and Autocad.Some may even want you to conceptualise things and do storyboards/animatics, and abit of motion graphics.More bang for the buck


Wed May 11, 2011 8:46 am

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Post Re: What has happened to all the Singapore CG Artists?
Sorry for making the following comments.

The industry is moving faster than one can imagine. We need to keep an open eye and mind at all times looking at what the international market is moving to. What others is doing almost at least every 6 months.

That is why we kept pushing the talents all the time. And we are slowly bringing in talents from top companies to come in to do the training.

And in business, I go to international market all the time to keep a look out and update my staff and students. One must never be complacent. No matter how successful you are. And be on the ground to listen. That is how we grow.

We must keep improving ourselves whether as individual or a company.

The world is changing. The economy is changing. To survive. One need to change with times.

We need to be infront. Especially Singapore is small and we started late. We need to move faster than anyone.

If one has the right skillset, I seriously don't see why one will have difficulty looking for work. I have heard some students complaining about the industry. And I hate to say this. Normally these are also the weaker ones in the class.

Recently I have met a major French Game Company. They show me some sample of the kind of work they are looking for. And I have a feeling of some of the better graduates I know will be selected. And my guess was right. The company look for them. Not the other way round.

And recently investor started knocking on our doors. Not that we look for them.

We need to understand what the market wants and works towards it. It is not a special formula. If one is good. He gets a job and get promoted quickly.

Pardon me for saying another thing.

Being a generalist and bo ka liao do everything is what I did 13 years ago. The industry has really changed where they need highly qualify specialised people to do the job. And the industry cannot locate enough of such talents here. I am serious about this. That is why I am working with some companies to conduct special training with them. Where they send their supervisors actually come to train the students.

I have seen several bao kar liao companies always stay at the same size for 10 years. They never grow. Some are trap in the old ways of doing business and old pipeline.
Sticking to old ways of doing things does not allow them to engage higher end projects. Hence they are stuck. There is nothing wrong. They are around just for survival. However the concern is that soon they might be overrun by companies in third world country if they still don't change.

Sometime back, I engaged a major project from overseas. The management actually came down a few times to inspect our facilities and pipeline.

Its an eco system. If a company cannot engage higher end project. Hence the budget is low. This translate to low pay for you. And the old pipeline translate to long hours. Some CG artists ended up in such companies. Many jump to conclusion the CG industry is like that in Singapore.

Not all CG Companies work like that.

Many complain that the pay is low. The industry has no hope. Again. This is true experience. If your skill can only do snow man. The company can only engaged snowman kind of project. Then the budget is low. Your pay is low. If we have a strong talent pool who can do highend kind of work. Then companies dare to engage higher end project which in turn ask for higher budget after proving themselves for one project. And hence the pay will go up. It is an eco system.

And this is how our industry should be heading to. We need to learn from the best. Continue to work hard to build a strong pool of talents. Whether it is individual. A company or industry as a whole. Be aware all times what others are doing overseas.

We need to unite and work as a whole to improve. Unless we want to be trapped in the industry I worked for 13 years ago. If this is the industry we believe in. And this is what we want to do. Then keep trying. Everything is possible.

If I may borrow one line from someone. Be very very good in what you do. Money will come.

Believe in yourself. Don't give up. If it is not now. It will eventually reach there. I am no body. I am sure you can do million times better than me.

Fri May 13, 2011 3:49 am
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