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  1. I hate clicking of buttons when select files!
    Drag and Drop then! Even from Windows Explorer.

  2. I am looking for a software to combine MPEG files. Can Aviser do it?
    NO! Use our Mpack Series instead.

  3. Where can I register my copy of Ordix Aviser on the internet?
    here .

  4. Help!!! I can't get in my registration number to work!
    At the splash screen, there is a 'Register' button on the right bottom of the window. Click 'Register' and key in your registration information (note that this should not lead you to any website). Please check that the version number is correct and that you did not include any space carriage in your registration name or registration information. Also, your registration information is CASE sensitive. You must also key in your registration information MANUALLY. DO NOT copy and paste your registration information. If your registration information still does not work, try keying in the registration number, then the registration name.

  5. Progressbar does not move during packing! What's wrong?
    There are few codecs that were identified not working properly with Ordix Aviser.
    1) Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V1
    2) Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2
    3) IndeoR video 5.10 Compression Filter
    4) Ffdshow

  6. I tried adding an AVI file but it is not added to the Pack List. This file can be playbacked on Windows Media Player. What should I do?
    The file is not encoded properly as an AVI file so Ordix Aviser cannot recognise it. A workaround solution is to rename the file as a .mpg or mpeg file. Then add it to the Pack List.

  7. I am looking for a software to combine Quicktime files. Can Aviser or Mpack do it?
    NO! We do not support QT and Real Media formats at this time.

  8. One-time payment? What does it mean?
    We only need users to pay ONCE to get UNLIMITED, FREE upgrades and technical support from us. This means you only pay US$19.99 to obtain an Aviser's licence for lifetime. You'll be notified about new upgrades and patches if there are any. We will not change this one-time payment policy however the price of this offer is subjected to changes. So register now!


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