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Ordix Avi Joiner Classic 1.0
The Ordix Avi Joiner is the next step in video fusion technology. Featuring optimized speed, lossless, seamless splicing and a brand new interface, it has never been easier to join your favourite video files in a flash! Join or rearrange your favourite Divx, XivD, MPEG2, MPEG4 (all other codecs supported) avi video files together and fuse them into 1 single video file for an uninterrupted viewing enjoyment.

Ordix Avi Joiner will join any avi files into 1 single video file with no quality loss! We invented an extremely optimized video joining method, call the "Da vinci" algorithm, which generates fantastic lossless video quality solution at the fastest speed your harddisk can provide.

If you want quality without compromising speed, with greater flexibility in joining your video files, Ordix Avi Joiner is your perfect solution!

Ordix Avi Joiner is very easy to use, and better yet it's fully functional shareware. Get your copy Ordix Avi Joiner and edit your video files like pro today!


  • Windows XP designed interface

  • Optimised OTR (On-the-run) technology that utilise available resources for that speedy conversion

  • Lossless joining method that retains your original video quality

  • Classic list view interface available at the click of a button

  • Unlimited filesize support

  • Seamless fusion between video files

  • FULL video and audio codec support

  • UNICODE support (Chinese, Japanese etc filenames)

  • Drag-n-Drop support

  • Multi-Language Support

Attractive XP Designed Interface
All Ordix's software are tested 100% compatible and designed for Microsoft
Windows XP. Ordix Avi Joiner's newly designed user interface is more attractive, simpler, and easier to use and most importantly blends into Windows XP seamlessly.

Ordix Avi Joiner joins your all video files as fast as your computer can copy them to another location on your harddisk. Our highly optimised video joining algorithm generates fantastic lossless video quality solution at the fastest speed your harddisk can provide.

Classic List-Based GUI
For users who do not like our track-based video editing GUI, switch to our classic list-based GUI and choose to add, remove, move up or down a Video Join List, then save the Video Join List into a single video file for your uninterrupted viewing enjoyment.

Unlimited Filesize Capability
Ordix Avi Joiner inherits the unlimited filesize capability feature like our renowned Mpeg Joiner, Ordix Mpack series. Many joiners out there cannot handle files that are more than 2.1gb or 4.2gb and you will not be aware of this limitation until you start to handle big video files which is growing in filesize as our harddisk capacity gets bigger.

Most joiners cannot handle filenames in native language such as Chinese, Japanese, German etc. Ordix Avi Joiner provides full unicode support so that filename that comes in native languages can be used in our software without any problems.

Muilti-Language Support
Ordix Avi Joiner comes in 9 native languages to allow users to feel more familiar with our software using their native language. If you can provide localization service, please contact us at


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